“I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.”   -Marty McFly


What is it that Conservatives want to conserve?  What idea would really make America Great?  

What do liberals really want?  What is the end result of love, light and acceptance of everyone's 'personal truth'.  Does 'love' really conquer all?  

If you follow any idea to it's ultimate end, you can trace all of its failings back to its original flaws, or it's triumphs back to it's inherent strengths.  All ideas must be self contained, bullet-proof in and of themselves.   

Followed to its end result, what is the terminus of capitalism?  For anyone that's ever played Monopoly, the answer is simple.  (One person ends up with all the money and at some point, someone throws the game and walks away, or everyone says "that was fun, let's play again."  No one ever wants to play Monopoly again.)  Everyone other than the rich suffer lives of poverty and hunger, ever indebted to the rich.

What is the terminus of Communism?  For anyone that studies history, this answer is just as simple.  One group of people ends up with all the power and, like capitalism, everyone other than the powerful suffer lives of poverty and hunger, ever waiting for a handout from the powerful.  

What is the tertium quid?  The Third Thing?


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